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Florida County Face Mask Mandate
Law and Orders

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KN95, N95, 3-Ply, Cloth Face Masks

After almost seven months, the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the world. Despite several countries currently developing vaccine candidates, there is still no clear end in sight. Within the United States, Florida and its counties continue to see an upward trend in the number of cases reported. As WFLA Channel 8 News reports, even kids in the state between 5 and 14 years of age experienced a 22% increase in cases between August and September 2020.

At this time, Governor Ron DeSantis has maintained that there is no mask requirement declared on a state-wide level. However, he adds that he will not stand in the way of local counties that wish to set their own rules on the matter.

Why Do Masks Matter?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), masks are helpful in preventing respiratory droplets from travelling through the air when a person coughs, sneezes, or even speaks. The CDC adds that evidence shows the coronavirus is passed on through those kinds of droplets when people are in close contact with each other (six feet or less). That’s also why social distancing requires keeping at least six feet away from other people at all times. Masks are a form of ‘source control’, so if a person is infected but asymptomatic, the wearing of a mask will reduce their chances of spreading it to other people.

Face Masks and Face Coverings
Before reading about the mask orders of individual Florida counties, it’s important to note that this article uses the terms ‘face masks’ and ‘face coverings’ interchangeably. Many Florida county mask orders distinguish between the two, and only require the use of ‘face coverings’, and not necessarily masks. At the same time, most of them look towards the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, which only uses the term ‘masks'.

The CDC provides guides on how to choose masks and how to clean them. Also, they provide instructions on how to make masks at home out of fabric like cotton, which can be taken from t-shirts. Whatever the case may be, the CDC and most counties explicitly recommend not using surgical masks or N95 masks, as those are desperately needed by healthcare workers.

Florida Counties WITHOUT Mask Orders
Firstly, several Florida Counties have voted down mandates related to the mandatory use of KN95, N95, 3-Ply Surgical face masks.

These include the eight counties of;

  1. Fort Myers
  2. Green Cove Springs
  3. Pierson County
  4. Indian River County
  5. Okaloosa County and the Okaloosa County School District
  6. Walton County
  7. Bonita Springs
  8. Cape Coral.

Despite voting down the mandatory use of face masks in these counties, several of them do highly recommend or strongly encourage the use of masks, especially in areas where social distancing isn’t possible.

Florida Counties With NO Mask Orders
Currently, only one county has seen the use of anti-mask orders: Marion County. The Sheriff of Marion County, Sheriff Billy Woods, has banned the use of face masks among all Sheriff’s Department workers. This ban also applies to people visiting the lobbies of Sheriff’s Office facilities, who will be asked to remove their face masks if they’re wearing one. There are, however, exceptions for employees at the county jail, its courts, and schools.

Florida Counties WITH Mask Orders
Please note that this information is accurate as of the time of writing this article. The data is subject to change as the situation continues to develop, so be sure to check with the county’s official website for any updates and additional information.

  1. Alachua County
  2. Brevard County
  3. Broward County
  4. Charlotte County
  5. Collier County
  6. Duval County
  7. Gadsden County
  8. Hillsborough County
  9. Indian River County
  10. Leon County
  11. Manatee County
  12. Martin County
  13. Miami-Dade County
  14. Monroe County
  15. Nassau County
  16. Orange County
  17. Osceola County
  18. Palm Beach County
  19. Pasco County
  20. Pinellas County
  21. Sarasota County
  22. St. Johns County
  23. St. Lucie County
  24. Seminole County
  25. Walton County