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CDC MASK MANDATE - 11:59pm (EST) FEB 1ST 2021
CDC MASK MANDATE - 11:59pm (EST) FEB 1ST 2021
COVID-19 Safe Shopping Tips

COVID-19 Safe Shopping Tips

How to Shop Safely During Covid-19

Since Covid-19 swept the world with chaos and confusion, more and more people have been terrified to go out to brick-and-mortar shops. This is completely understandable. But we're here to assure you that it doesn't have to be like this.

There are ways you can shop at your local grocery store — and even the reopening clothing shops — without feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

By following our tips and tricks (as well as your government and local guidelines, of course) you will be able to shop safely during these stressful times.

Don't worry, we've got nothing but your mental and physical well being in mind.

How to Shop Safely at The Grocery Store

1) Wear Your Face Mask
In a lot of places, you won't be allowed inside unless you wear your face mask. We understand that you might feel silly the first time you put it on but, trust us, you get used to it. And anyway, everyone is wearing them, you will stick out if you don't.

Remember, you aren't just wearing the face mask to protect yourself, you're wearing it to protect everyone else around you too! In this day and age, we'd say it's polite to put one on.

2) Follow the Floor Markings and Signs
All grocery stores have installed floor markings on every aisle, spaced two meters apart. Depending on where you shop, you might have taped off squares to stand in, or simply a line that you shouldn't cross when someone else is looking at the products.

Whichever way your store has chosen to signpost, use them! They are there to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

3) Stand In Line Calmly
It is true, standing in line isn't fun. But it is now more important than ever.  Each of the name-brand supermarkets has implemented new and improved queue systems both inside and outside of their stores. Again, each mark is 6 feet from the one behind and the one in front.

The best thing you can do is to stand calmly, and patiently wait for it to move forward. All the staff members are tirelessly working to provide a great experience so everyone needs to let them do what they do best!

4) Respect the Limits
Depending on where you do your food shopping, you might be able to buy only one of some items. Stores were bombarded with people purchasing silly items in bulk during the first weeks of the pandemic, so they've introduced restrictions on certain products.

5) Use Hand Sanitizer
Whether you bring your own or use the store's provided cleanser, it's best to sanitize your hands before you enter the shop and when you come out. This way, you're doing your bit to protect all shoppers and not just yourself.

6) Be Kind
That's right! Our last tip is to be kind. Sounds pretty strange, right? Well, life is hard enough without rudeness from fellow shoppers. So, give people a smile, wave at your neighbor, and ask the cashier how they're doing. It will brighten people's day, we promise.

How to Shop Safely in Clothing Stores
Okay, we've just talked about food shopping, let's jump right into clothing stores. Naturally, they come with some unique concerns that we're definitely going to address. Stick with us!

1) Keep Social Distancing
Clothing stores are yet to introduce the super-strict guidelines that grocery shops have already done. Considering they don't sell edible produce, this does make sense.

But, it means you're going to have to be more self-aware and distance yourself from others, without necessarily following floor markings or signs.

One effective way to do this is to look at how many people are in the shop already. If you walk in and people are everywhere, step out and come back later. That way, you aren't put yourself in harm's way (or anyone else, for that matter).

2) Don't Touch Everything
Before corona-virus, it was normal for people to walk into a clothing store and feel all the items (we're definitely guilty of it!). Nowadays, we can't let ourselves succumb to that temptation. Only touch something when you are sure you want to take it to the checkout. As you might say to your child, "look with your eyes, not with your hands".

3) Use Hand Sanitizer
Just like safely shopping at the grocery store, use your hand sanitizer. We have noticed that only a select group of clothing stores have provided cleanser, so bring your own to be on the safe side.

4) Wear Your Face Mask
Essentially, everywhere you go at the moment, bring a face mask! Put it on before you enter the clothes' shop — even if there isn't someone standing at the door telling you to do so. That way, you are protecting everyone around you, as well as yourself.

5) Be Kind
And again, always be kind. Wherever you are, whatever shop you find yourself in, and whoever you are talking to, always, always be kind. It's the only thing keeping the world spinning at the moment!

The Bottom Line
Shopping doesn't have to be as scary as what you've built it up to be. As long as you follow the government guidelines, local news, and our tips and tricks here, you'll be as right as rain.

If you ever get stuck looking for a light at the end of the tunnel just remember that you are strong, but together, we're invincible. United, we have got this!

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